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“We Are Appalled!” Chamber Statement On Proposed Changes In Dorset Council Car Parks

“We are appalled!” Chamber statement on proposed changes in Dorset Council car parks

Statement from Bridport Business Chamber President Robert Mühl:

“This is a totally unacceptable increase in parking charges and in bringing in charging between 6pm and 8pm and on Sundays. It is also a completely inappropriate time to bring in these increases. 

On behalf of the Business Chamber and all the businesses in Bridport, we are absolutely appalled. 

Please reconsider this irresponsible, inconsiderate proposal. This sends the message that there is no empathy from Dorset Council regarding the significant issues facing the local business community. 

Quite frankly, we are horrified! 

While we understand that a review of parking was underway before COVID-19 struck, it seems that no account has been taken of the toll on business that lockdown and social distancing measures have taken since March 2020. 

Many, many businesses as well as Dorset Council have seen revenues hit dramatically – many businesses may not survive. 

While so many people are putting so much effort into making towns like Bridport thrive despite the difficulties, it is astonishing that one councillor should see fit to approve these measures, without any consultation and without even the courtesy of informing local ward councillors before the announcement. 

Bringing in evening and Sunday charges in Bridport will certainly affect business, particularly in the hospitality sector. There will also be a very significant cost to Dorset Council in policing these additional hours. 

We are aware that parking in Bridport is perhaps the number one issue to be dealt with to allow business growth. Making these proposed changes at this time will do nothing to help and will certainly make it more difficult for local business to survive these difficult times. 
I strongly urge Dorset Council to reconsider.”

Read about the proposed changes here

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