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New Member – Being Your Best


Run by chartered accountants Rosy Jeffery and David Challenger, Being Your Best works with the core values and aspirations of individuals to help produce a sustainable and financially viable plan for your business and your life.

It is common for a business to be unconscious in its development after the first rush of excitement and planning.  It is easy to react to what is going on around you without noticing what is really happening within the business.  Small, almost imperceptible changes, each moving you slightly away from the place that you really want to be, can result in finding yourself a long way from the dream you started with.

Through Being Your Best, Rosy and David are focusing on the human beings in a business. Being Your Best is so named because they help you get the best out of yourself, your resources and your opportunities.  They help you examine your motives for all that you do in the business, so that you work consciously and with clarity to develop and implement a plan for your business and your life that is built from the inside out.

As chartered accountants they can put numbers to your dreams and help turn them into a reality.  They will produce a plan which is backed up by financial forecasts and funding requirements, and they will provide ongoing support to help keep you on track.

We are pleased to welcome Being Your Best to Bridport Business Chamber.

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