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Town Centre Health Check

There’s still time to take part in Bridport’s Town Centre Health Check.

A Town Centre Working Group was re established by Bridport Town Council in 2018 and the Health Check is the first significant piece of work being undertaken.

Town Centre Health Checks are a means of assessing the vitality, viability, resilience and performance of town centres over time. The results of a health check exercises are used to formulate strategies for improvements and inform policy documents.

Data will be collected for the Town Centre Health Check until the end of this month.

Data to be collected includes:

• A products and services survey in July 2019
• Footfall and car park capacity surveys on 4 selected days
• A Shopper questionnaire
• A Retailer questionnaire

All data feeding into the 2019 health check will be collected by Bridport Town Council with support from Bridport Business Chamber, Dorset Council and participating retailers.

All surveys to be undertaken using the Neighbourhood Plan definition of the Centre of Bridport area and includes collecting data for West Bay.

How can I input to the Town Centre Health Check?

If you are a local resident or regular shopper in Bridport you can complete the online ‘Shopper Survey’ found at:

If you are a local retailer in Bridport you can complete the online
‘Retailer Survey’ found at:

More information here

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