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Latest news from St Michael’s Community Liaison Group

Our Treasurer Sylvia Collins attended the most recent meeting of the St Michael’s Community Liaison Group chaired by Martin Ridley from Hayward & Co and attended by the town council and tenants of St Michael’s.

“Before the meeting we had an interesting, if cold tour, of the estate to look at the various building.

The discussion included:

  • The reinstatement of the Tower Building after the fire. Stage 1 to clear the building is almost complete. Due to weather damage last winter the first floor had to be removed. The building is now a shell. The architect drawings for Stage 2 the interior are now with the loss adjusters before going out to tender. It is hoped that the building contractors will be appointed early in the new year and the work will take five months to complete. The building completed by the summer with as little distribution to tenants as feasible.
  • Update of the regeneration scheme is waiting on the completion of the 106 agreement with the council. This is complex with various agencies involved, including Dorset Council (previously West Dorset District Council) the Environment Agency, Magna Housing and their solicitors. It is the legal aspects which are holding this up though the change in Council and Council Officers has resulted in going over previous agreements.
  • Will Austin, Town Clerk, updated us on the positive response by Dorset Council to the Town Council’s proposals for the Bus Station site. Including a new multi-functional community building, transport hub and more car parking. This site abuts onto St Michael’s and we discussed the link between the two including the riverside, bridges and walks.
  • Roy Gregory of Clock Tower Music, representing the tenants, lead a discussion on ideas for implementing and promoting St Michael’s as a destination.

The meeting was held at Local Food Links a major local supplier of school meals to about 30 schools across the county and an example of the diversity of businesses on the estate – from carpenters to hairdressers, from antiques and retro goods to modern bathrooms; from upholstery to curtains and textiles; from a vinyl record shop to a recording studio.”

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