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We Are Now The Bridport & West Bay Business Chamber!

We are now the Bridport & West Bay Business Chamber!

Welcome to the newly named Bridport & West Bay Business Chamber.

This change comes after a thoughtful proposal and democratic vote at the recent annual general meeting, underlining our commitment to encourage inclusivity within our community.

Chamber President Robert Mühl says: “The new name reflects our dedication to welcoming all businesses in or associated with the Bridport and West Bay area.

“It’s a move inspired by our community’s voice and our collective vision for a more interconnected and supportive business environment. As we embark on this exciting chapter, we’re committed to exploring opportunities that benefit all our members. 

“Discover the benefits of membership – Join an enthusiastic and positive group of local businesses, share ideas, issues and information and support real representation at Local, County and National level.

“Remember – Together, we’re stronger!”

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